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Name:Xander Harris {Buffy the Vampire Slayer}
Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:California, United States of America

Alexander LaVelle Harris was born and raised in Sunnydale, California and grew up alongside best friend, Willow Rosenberg. His other best friend, Jesse, was turned into a vampire during the same time Buffy Summers arrived in town and changed his life completely. He was responsible for the inadvertent staking of Jesse, and has been fighting vampires, and other nasties, with Buffy ever since.

He forms a core part of the Scoobies, or Slayerettes. Throughout high school he was never a great student, choosing to cruise and get Willow’s help when he could. He’s lived in his parents’ basement for most of his life, choosing not to interact with his family when he can. He sleeps outside on Christmas Eve to avoid the fights, and while he wants to be something more than his father, his ambition is hindered by his lack of confidence.

Xander is quick to joke in any situation, especially those involving death and impending apocalypse. He doesn’t think he’s a worthy part of the group given he’s the ‘normal’ one, the only one with no special powers, or supernatural ability.

His love live has been eventful to say the least. He’s had a crush on Buffy, a near death experience after being seduced by the bug lady, lost his virginity to Faith who kicked him out after, and then nearly choked him later. He’s dated the school’s ‘bitch’, Cordelia Chase, and had a whatever-it-was with Willow that caused the end of his relationship with Cordelia, and Willow’s relationship with Oz. He dated Anya Jenkins, ex-demon, the woman he also loved, and nearly married. His ditching her at the alter left her devastated, and Xander never really found a way to repair it—even if he still seemed to love her.

When the First, and Caleb came to Sunnydale things went from bad to worse, and as Buffy took the Scoobies, and the potentials into Caleb’s hideout, Xander lost an eye and has been wearing an eye patch since.


Xander Harris is post-season 7 despite his current lack of eye patch icons, and can include the first run of season 8 comics, but there is no Xander/Dawn shipping here. That particular part of the story never happened for this Xander.

Disclaimer: Not really Xander Harris - big shock! Or even Nicholas Brendan. Xander is Joss Whedon's creation, and belongs to him, Fox, Dark Horse and a bunch of people who aren't me. This is just for fun and games, no harm intended.

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